Australia’s manufacturing sector to receive AU$1.5b boost from federal government

Six Industries — resources technology and critical minerals, food beverages, medical products, recycling and clean energy, space, and defence — have all been promised a piece of the Australian government’s AU$1.5 billion manufacturing revitalisation package over the next four years, starting in 2021.

“The objective is to build scale and capture income in high value areas of manufacturing where Australia either has established competitive strength or emerging priorities,” Prime Minister Scott Morrison said, during his pre-budget speech at the National Press Club on Thursday.

“This will require our manufacturing sector to be even more productive and highly skilled, to be more collaborative at the leading edge of R&D, commercialisation, and technology adoption, to be more outward-looking, and be searching relentlessly for footholds in global markets.”

Of the AU$1.5 billion, which is the latest pledge by the Morrison government ahead of the federal budget next Tuesday, AU$1.3 billion will be used

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UK coach sector warns of looming disaster without government support

More than 1,000 family-run coach businesses across the UK face being forced into bankruptcy and having their vehicles repossessed, according to their trade body.

Since March, close to 100 coach businesses have gone into administration and many more are on the brink as demand for their services has “almost totally collapsed”, said Graham Vidler, chief executive of the Confederation of Passenger Transport. 

More than 24,000 people employed in the industry could be out of a job by April 2021 if financial help for the sector is not forthcoming from the government, he added. 

The roll out of chancellor Rishi Sunak’s new job support scheme, which will replace the furlough programme in November and requires employers and the state to top up the wages of staff working at least a third of their usual hours, will only help coach operators providing school bus services, which account for about 15 to 20

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Video Conference Uses In Government Sector

Video Conferencing and Telepresence systems are transforming the way Central and State Government agencies communicate. Government agencies of all kinds are using this most advanced technology to increase productivity, reduce travel cost, and fulfill eco-friendly initiatives. These systems create virtual meeting experiences so realistic, makes the participants feel as if they are in the same room, even though they are located in different geographic areas, far away miles apart from each location.

The need to come at a meeting place from different geographic locations in not required, if these agencies use the most advanced video communication technologies. The need for government workers to travel for meeting is reduced, and helps in saving time and travel cost, hotel expenses, and in carbon dioxide emissions.

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