UK Government Sees Future Energy Mix Involving Small Nuclear Reactors, But Financing Remains Obstacle


  • A  nine-member association of companies have pledged to build 16 small nuclear power stations by 2050
  • Each mini reactor would be in operation for up to 60 years and provide 440 megawatts of electricity per year
  • The program is expected to create 40,000 jobs.

The British government is considering investing 2 billion pounds sterling ($2.6 billion) to help build small nuclear reactors as part of London’s overall strategy of developing cleaner energy and achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

The financing program – details of which have yet to be finalized, Bloomberg reported – would involve the government buying an equity stake in various new small nuclear stations across the country. Smaller reactors, as the government envisions, may be a more economical strategy to build up nuclear power in the country.

Indeed, a nine-member consortium of companies, including Rolls-Royce Holdings Plc and construction giant Laing O’Rourke Plc, have

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Crowdfunding Success Indicates Small Businesses And Startups Worthy Of Government Matching Program

Community-focused investing has funded local small businesses and startups across the US. Since 2016, half a billion dollars has been raised from investment crowdfunding, generating $2 billion in economic activity and supporting 100,000 jobs.

According to Regulation Crowdfunding by Congressional District: A Report Card by Crowdfund Capital Advisors, Congress can encourage this more by creating the Main Street Recovery Co-Investment Fund. The United Kingdom has already done this to great success. It worked so well that Fund was re-upped twice, including to support small businesses impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

A critical lesson from the 2007-2009 financial crisis was that access to capital for small businesses matters. Small businesses were hit harder than large companies by the Great Recession. During and for a period after the

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Why Small Government Is Higher

Everyone knows that government grants are a method for the residents of a country to get free cash from the tax payers, however the question is what’s the whole point of doing that? The amount of money concerned in DeLorean’s entrapment scheme was a really small drop in a bucket in comparison with what the S & L Disaster was all about within the late 80’s and early ninety’s, where 747 financial savings and loan associations failed on the tune of $a hundred and sixty billion, about $124.6 of which was covered by the tax payers resulting within the funds deficit of the early ninety’s.

To the public the well known and powerful members of the Council have good intentions, Whenever you see the word Socialism you understand that this stands for a tyrannical dictatorship, to be governed by giant company conglomerates and international bankers.

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