Sweden’s PM Given Breathing Space to Salvage Labor Law Talks

(Bloomberg) — On Sunday night Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven was granted a last minute reprieve to avoid a political crisis that threatens to engulf him.

Lofven and his government face a vote of no confidence from the Left Party unless controversial changes to the country’s labor laws are scrapped. Opposition parties the Christian Democrats, the Sweden Democrats and the Moderates have also said they would back the vote.

But the Left Party’s Jonas Sjostedt, speaking on a party leaders’ debate on state broadcaster SVT, said that he’s prepared to give the Social Democrat-led government “a little bit more time.”

“It could be worth doing this for a couple of weeks,” Sjostedt said. “I’m prepared to talk, because this can be solved.”

That now gives Lofven some space to rescue last month’s failed set of labor talks. However, the prime minister’s task remains a daunting one with his budget

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Highlighting housing affordability and space safety to build a smarter society | Imperial News

For Sale sign

Imperial researchers are helping policymakers and industry build a smarter society with the support of the UKRI Strategic Priorities Fund.

Tracking housing affordability

One project, led by Professor Majid Ezzati of the Artificial Intelligence Network, tracks housing affordability with administrative and open data and machine learning. Researchers set out to create a data and method infrastructure for using and integrating multiple administrative and open data for regular estimation of housing cost (purchase and rental) in London.

What we need are plans and policies that leverage cities’ potential for innovation to improve the health of low-income and marginalised groups. Professor Majid Ezzati

As part of the wider project to reduce health inequalities in cities around the world, researchers have downloaded data from the UK census, the land registry (address, date and cost of all sales), Rightmove and the UK Energy Performance Certificates, and obtained remote access to the English Housing Survey.

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Are You Voting For SPACE FORCE! Or LAW & ORDER!

Who among us haven’t taken to Twitter to rage-tweet our way through 2020? On Monday morning, President Donald Trump, who is currently being hospitalized at Walter Reed Medical Center for COVID-19, sent a series of all-caps tweets urging Americans to vote for him because of… Space Force (among other things). In a kind very obvious move to distract from the fact that he purposefully downplayed a global pandemic that killed over 210,000 Americans (and mocked people for wearing masks), the president mystified everyone on Twitter with his latest “VOTE!” series. It seems Trump is succumbing to the boredom and isolation of his luxurious, top-of-the-line hospital stay. 

“PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH (BRING OUR SOLDIERS HOME). VOTE!” one inexplicable tweet read. “FIGHT THE CORRUPT FAKE NEWS MEDIA. VOTE!” read another. Trump also attempted to appeal to those who value “law and order” — yes, the same Trump who brags about swindling

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The Meaning Of The United States Being The Visual Appearance Of Gravity Being Safe From Outer Space

I want to examine the following paradigm: that the United States is the visual appearance of gravity being safe from outer space.

A United States that is the image of gravity being safe from outer space is an outer space that is not the image of gravity being in danger because of the United States. An outer space that is the opposite of the appearance of gravity being in danger because of the United States is the external of planets being the threat of the United States toward gravity.

The external of planets being the threat of the United States toward gravity is gravity being the safety of the United States toward the external of planets: gravity is the force that gives the United States (or any nation) the ability to protect outer space.

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Disasters Occur In A Political Space

Although there are those who would disagree, Natural Disasters are probably not driven by politics, but nor are they immune from politics. Far from it. The actions taken by human actors undoubtedly affect the prevention, mitigation, and damage of natural disasters and their aftermath.

The ‘shock’ refers to the natural act itself e.g. the earthquake. The ‘aftershock’ comes later. Post-earthquake 2010-2012 in Christchurch, New Zealand, the Earthquake Commission, the Canterbury Earthquake Authority, the Christchurch City Council, and the Government of the day equate to the net impact of the ‘aftershock’ on the population – the physical ‘disaster’ is far from the whole event. It is also made up of those shocking post-disaster events, such as delayed insurance payouts, top-down authoritarian decisions, ineptitude of professional bodies, evidence of corruption in the post-quake city – and the list goes on…

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