A true purpose creates value for society as well as shareholders

Research conducted by the GOOD Agency and YouGov reveals that two in three marketers view purpose as the main way through which to recover from the current crisis. But only a quarter plan to commit more resource to it this year.

This ‘tipping point’ is being driven by consumer demand, accelerated by the crisis, and ranks as the number one factor influencing marketing decision-making relating to purpose. However, the same research also reveals a ‘lack of resource’ and ‘other priorities’ as the main reason why businesses are failing to deliver any actions of substance to truly demonstrate their commitment.

The consequence? Brands are left exposed in an era where consumers and employees are increasingly critical and unforgiving. So, what can marketers do to convince their board that purpose deserves a seat at the table?

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Is It, True Beliefs, Arrogance/ Defiance, Entitlement, Politics, Or Diversion?

Regardless of one’s political beliefs, and/ or, affiliations, nearly everyone realizes, what we have been witnessing, isn’t normal! When Donald Trump, ran for President, a few years ago, he, made a connection with a certain segment of America’s electorate, many of which, ended up, becoming, what we refer to, as his political base, and core supporters. For many of us, unfortunately, President Trump has done, all he could do, to divide and polarize Americans, than to fulfill his campaign promise, to, Make America Great Again! Since his specific message, seems to change, on a somewhat, regular basis, it might be beneficial, to, consider, whether, his statements, represent his true beliefs, arrogance/ defiance/ ego, a sense of entitlement, or something, perhaps, more sinister, and intentionally, diverting the public’s attention. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, why this makes any difference, and … Read More