The Truth About Government Travel Advisories, Warnings and Alerts

If you’re like most people and you believe that government travel advisories, warning and alerts represent the most accurate advice for business travellers then you are terribly mistaken.

Here are the key elements that all business travellers and travel managers need to know regarding the validity and application of government travel alerts and travel related advice. Knowing and understanding these few simple issues will save your company unnecessary travel delays and disruptions under almost any circumstance. The main points to always consider in the wake of a renewed or updated advisory, warning or alert is the target audience, specific government resources, commercial relevance and the avoidance of evacuation scenarios.

The primary demographic for government advisories are first time travellers, backpackers, families and anyone else with little to no prior travelling experience and preparation or the lowest possible denominator. It is this group that governments aim their advice and analysis towards … Read More

The Truth About Lies In Politics

I recently heard someone say that once we buy into a belief or philosophy our objectivity is severely diminished. We no longer try to discern whether something we read or hear is true and correct and simply accept any information that supports our belief. This can be seen in politics.

Unfortunately, it seems to be common practice for politicians around the country and members of congress to put themselves first, play party politics, accept money from lobbyists and large donors in return for their votes while they show little concern for things that are good for our country and the taxpayers. When those politicians are put on the spot, try to answer the hard questions or get caught doing something bad or illegal, they rarely own up. For far too many politicians, lying seems to be second nature.

Core followers of many politicians are quick to accept the political leader’s … Read More

Inception and the Law of Attraction in Action – How the Movie Provides Insight Into Truth

Spoiler Alert: Please only read this after seeing Inception. This is not a movie review, the ideas expressed in this article may give away too much of the plot or other information about the movie.

There are many various similarities between the movie Inception and the universal laws of attraction. Although the focus in this 2010 film refers to dreams and thought implantation, it gives some impressive insight into how to put the univeral laws in action. When you start watching the movie with an eye toward universal laws, it is easy to visualize how applicable the inception of a thought is to putting the Law of Attraction in action.

Most people who put universal law in action, for instance, utilize self-affirmations and/or dream-boards to assist them in their quest for their goals. Primarily, these affirmations and dreamboards move the goal focus from conscious thought into the subconscious … Read More