Society needs more happy musicians than unhappy doctors

Few days ahead of the NEET exams, four medical college aspirants in TamilNadu took their life allegedly due to fear of failure. This brought back the issue of psychological pressure gripping the young adults.

“Such instances highlight the need for institutional support as well as counselling facilities for students who are appearing for competitive examinations,” says Kiran Ambatipudi, associate DOSW (Student Wellness), IIT Roorkee. The institute offers 24×7, free-of-cost counselling service (online and in-house) to help students tackle their academic and personal concerns more responsibly.

Society, according to Dr Prerna Kohli, clinical psychologist, pays far too much attention to financial and academic success. “Parents need to teach their children that failing is normal and encourage them to have a Plan B and Plan C ready, just in case Plan A fails.”

If it isn’t exam stress, social pressures and the taboo to openly discuss suicidal thoughts may create communication barriers

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