Sergeant’s death ‘a reminder of how vital police are to society’

The death of a police sergeant inside a south London station is a reminder of the importance of officers to society, the son of an RUC man gunned down by the Provisional IRA has said.

When Louie Johnston heard of the death of Metropolitan Police Sergeant Matt Ratana, shot dead by a handcuffed suspect inside Croydon station last week, his thoughts immediately turned to his family and the pain they are going through.

“You are just reminded of the nature of their job and how important police are to society,” said Louie yesterday on National Police Memorial Day. “Immediately my thoughts were drawn to the family and what they must be going through.”

Louie was just seven when his 30-year-old father, David, from Lisburn, was shot dead at Church Walk in Lurgan, only yards from the town’s RUC station. He died along with colleague, John Graham.

They were the last

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Vital Leadership Elements

For those who want to see the good, the dangerous and the ugly side of people of faith, just query the religion. Nonetheless, the story of the previous sixty years or so, ever because the founding of the United Nations with all its shortcomings and glories, the mergence of nation-states in giant parts of Africa and Asia from the clutches of colonialism and imperialism, the story of the vast majority of human inhabitants to rise from the ashes of the large burden of the past in its varying and suppressive legacy of the past, to look ahead to a better life, is a pointer to the need for assigning dignified human rights to a democratically functioning state.

Subsequently, different New England colonies – akin to Connecticut and Rhode Island – also succeeded in changing into self-governing just by asserting that they were past any governmental authority, and then setting up … Read More

Vital Leadership Components

Being asked to offer a public presentation could be both gratifying and frightening. Native self governance is the “exercise of financial, political and administrative authority to manage a neighborhood government’s affairs at all ranges. The banking business acts as whether it is but a humble service trade (financial providers trade), whereas really the grasp system of all American methods, political, instructional, environmental, agricultural, well being, and authorized.

An excellent purge of political candidates suspected of paramilitary ties was most certainly on US ambassador William Wood’s mind when in December 2005 he publicly said: “Corrupt electoral practices might happen within the elections of 2006, notably by paramilitaries.” Uribe instructed him to stop “meddling” in Colombian affairs.

Yet, its cultural and political mode of thought and practice- its assertive posture, robust rhetoric and uncompromising critique-completely altered the political landscape of America in addition to the identity of African Americans. What occurred subsequent … Read More