Tight race in St. Louis County’s 6th District could help shape county government | Politics

Two other seats are up for grabs in strongly Democratic council districts. Incumbent Kelli Dunaway, the Democrat elected to replace Page in the 2nd District last year, and soundly defeated Creve Coeur Mayor Barry Glantz in the primary, faces Republican Jerry Bowen and Libertarian Arnold Trembley. Shalonda Webb, who upset incumbent Rochelle Walton Gray in the Democratic primary for the 4th District, faces Republican Curtis Faulkner and Libertarian Eric S. Harris.

Trakas has been in battle his entire term. The attorney from Oakville overcame a shadowy recall petition and a lawsuit to remove him from office on the theory that his legal work for outstate school districts disqualified him from serving — each of which he blamed on Stenger.

But the county also settled a sexual harassment complaint against Trakas by his former legislative aide, and Trakas has at times exploded at the county’s legal staff. And, in recent weeks, he’s lost support from several within his party who think he is too close to Page. Trakas said the lack of support from Republicans didn’t bother him.

‘Do the right thing’

“I don’t subscribe to any type of gospel,” he said. “I’m always going to try and do the right thing as God gives me the eyes to see what to do.”

Burns easily defeated two strong candidates in the August primary and has been supported by Councilman Tim Fitch, R-3rd District. While Days hasn’t made any appearances for Burns, she said she supports him as a party mate.

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