Trees make the difference: Arbor Society adds 9 trees to North Park | Gretna

To commemorate Gretna’s first designated September Gretna Tree Planting Month by your Gretna Mayor and City Council, the Gretna Arbor Society (Tree Board) felt it was appropriate to plant some trees during the month of September.

The goal of the planting was to raise the awareness of the importance of proper tree planting and care and to support Gretna’s Community’s Forestry Program.

September was selected because the ambient temperatures during the day make it ideal for tree planting and the soil temperatures are still warm enough for great tree root development.

The area around the ballfield in North Park was selected as the planting site because this area has very little shade for parents and friends to watch the young people play the game.

A total of nine (9) trees from Grant Plains Nursery were planted Sept. 30. The following individuals assisted with the tree planting: Marshall Jaros, Dave Kovar, Missy Ragatz, Amy Nakai and Jim Keepers members of your Gretna Arbor Society. They were assisted by: Trish Keepers, Izik Ragatz, Jerlyn Hensel, Jonathon Hansel, Andrea Hansel and Scout Seth Hensel.

Your Gretna Arbor Society has plains to plant additional trees in this North Park area to make it more comfortable to watch ball games.

After the tree is planted, water because the key issue. Because the trees are grown in a soilless mix, they need constant watering for at least two weeks. Water then can be backed off depending on the weather conditions. Water bags were placed around these trees to help to make the watering easer.

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